Tosun Terzioğlu Scholarship

Sabancı University’s Founding President, dear Professor Tosun Terzioğlu who passed away on 23rd February 2016 was very dear to the SLTEP Family. He always believed in our work and efforts and supported us wholeheartedly in the launch of SLTEP in the year 2004. He actively joined many of our gatherings, ceremonies and celebrations, the last one being, our first SLTEP Alumni Conference and Meeting on November 1st, 2014 in celebration of 10 years of SLTEP.

Tosun Terzioğlu was an amazingly unique leader, a great mathematician, an inspirational presenter, an excellent teacher and learner, and a loving individual who was interested in and highly knowledgeable about so many different areas including education, history, art, music, languages, literature, philosophy, nature, gardening, boats and sailing. Yet he always remained genuinely modest and enthused by new learning and ideas.

To honor dear Tosun Terzioğlu’s unique being and invaluable support to the SLTEP Family, we will be providing a scholarship for one SLTEP participant. The ‘SLTEP Tosun Terzioğlu Scholarship’ will cover the selected participant’s course fee for SLTEP 2017.

Please note that the scholarship does not cover other expenses.

Details on application procedures will be announced following the completion of the SLTEP 2017 application process.